white pride vs black pride

What White Nationalists Don’t Get

A common and seemingly reasonable argument for white pride or white nationalism is: why cant I be proud of my culture?

Well, you can. Always have been able to. We have Irish pride celebrations, we have German drinking festivals, we have Serbian food festivals. Any European culture you can think of has multiple organizations in North America dedicated to taking pride in their heritage and NO ONE gives them shit for it.

But, you see, when you start talking white pride, that’s not a culture. That’s a skin color. There is no white culture, never was. There is no pan-European culture, never was. Europe is a continent, not a culture or ethnicity.

Now, some of you are probably about to go, but wait! Black pride! How is that okay? Well, easy. Go find a black person and ask them if their ancestors were slaves. When you find one who says yes, proceed to ask them what country in Africa were your ancestors from? Do you know what their answer will probably be? I don’t know. This is because their culture was taken from them. It was beaten out of them. They were enslaved, Christianized, and then white washed. The one unifying feature they have as a people is that history of slavery and that history of being black. They cant have Liberian pride, or Congolese pride, or insert African country pride because they have no fucking idea where their ancestors came from other than the broad region of West Africa.

Meanwhile us white people can often trace our ancestors to specific cities and regions. I can trace my mothers maiden name to a single fucking village in Ireland. I know where I came from. I don’t have white culture, I have Irish culture.

So that’s why white pride makes you an asshole but black pride actually makes sense.


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