about me

Hi I’m ben.

i’m a computer person

i write code and do stuff on the internet

about me

i grew up in the upper peninsula of michigan, received a bachelor’s in computer science from northern michigan university, and now work professionally as a software developer in traverse city, michigan.

i like building software and community through code and sysadmin tools. my current day job involves writing c# for desktop applications. my primary hobby project is tilde.team, a non-commercial public access unix system focused on teaching, learning, and building community.

some fun facts about me:

  • i’m left handed
  • i love to travel and have lived in ecuador and switzerland
  • i tend to avoid uppercase letters if i can help it



the best way to get in touch with me is irc (if i’m not around, i’ll see it soon™). i’m ben on libera.chat and tilde.chat

i’m also on xmpp as ben@hmm.st.

if you don’t have an xmpp account, you can register one on my server. it runs on a thinkpad in my living room!


i have too many email addresses (eg *@bhh.sh), but i mainly use ben@tilde.team or mail@benharr.is. if you use gpg, make sure to use my tilde.team address. here’s my pubkey. i’m not very good at email.

social media?

i’m on twitter and mastodon, but i try not to check them all that much.

i am on bluesky and it’s been very fun so far. feeling cautiously optimistic for its future.


if you’re curious, here’s my resume.