tools and services

inspired by tomasino’s recent post, i’d like to detail some of the stuff that i rent and use.

recurring costs

some of these are monthly, others are annual

  • server rental
    • $135/month, 64gb model, 2yr contract discount
  • proxmox – my preferred hypervisor. i find it useful enough and worth paying the annual license to use the official package mirrors – $80/year
  • domains – includes tilde-related ones and my personal ones (about 10 or so) – about 30 domains totaling $500/year
  • offsite backups at – i use the borg offering for a discount since versioning is handled by my backup software – between $60-$70/year

my out of pocket expenses are a little over $2k per year.

note that i use the server and backups for personal stuff in addition to tilde related things.

the current expenses are totally manageable as is, but if you’ve got some spare cash and want to pitch in towards tilde hosting costs, i have a donate page.

software i run, use, and maintain

these are all free/open source.

operating systems


these are things that i run and maintain for and the tildeverse

our own software

there are also a handful of other sites that we’ve written collaboratively among tildeverse peeps:

see the tildeverse org and team org on tildegit for more projects 🙂

this has diverged a bit from my costs into all the stuff that i do. i suppose that means that the main cost is my time and energy. in general, these things are hands-off in the day-to-day and only take time when there are updates or something breaks.


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