tilde.team subdomains as bluesky handles

This is a small little update on using your tilde.team subdomain as a handle on bluesky. Domain verification on bluesky can be done with a DNS challenge or by serving a text file from .well-known in your webroot.

Since adjusting the Content-Type for plaintext files with no extension isn’t possible without changing global nginx configs, the quickest way is to use a tiny php script.

<?php header("Content-Type: text/plain");
echo "did:plc:v7tbr6qxk6xanxzn6hjmbk7o";

Make sure that the following directory exists ~/public_html/.well-known/atproto-did and put the above script in there as index.php, replacing the did with your own.

Then go to settings > change handle on bsky.app, pick “I have my own domain”, then pick the No DNS Panel tab. Enter your subdomain and hit Verify Text File.

You can use any of the domains that are hooked up to your ~/public_html. See the list on the tilde.team wiki.

Here’s the source for mine on tildegit.


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