some good podcasts

these are some of my favorite podcasts to listen to

  • 1619 – examining the propaganda of american history
  • 20k hz – stories behind the world’s most recognizable and interesting sounds
  • 99% invisible – how design shapes our lives
  • a way with words – interesting discussions on language
  • anthropocene reviewed – 2 topics rated on a 5-star scale
  • ask me another – npr trivia show
  • benjamen walker’s theory of everything – a some fiction and wild stories – i originally found from this episode
  • broken record – liner notes for the digital age with malcolm gladwell and rick rubin
  • ear hustle – tales from prison shared by those inside
  • endless thread – stories from cool things found on reddit
  • everything is alive – ian chillag interviews inanimate objects
  • hello internet – two youtubers (brady haran and cgp grey) discuss internet things, usually youtube
  • invisibilia – science and stories about the invisible forces that affect and steer our lives
  • levar burton reads – levar burton hand picks short fiction and reads it to you
  • lingthusiasm – a podcast that explores the hidden linguistic patterns and features of languages around the world, from languages of the past to the present
  • on the media – a weekly investigation into how the media shapes our worldview
  • radiolab – an exploration of science, philosophy, and ethics
  • reply all – “a podcast about the internet” that explores modern life and how to survive it: start here
  • revisionist history – malcolm gladwell goes back and reinterpret something from the past: an event, a person, an idea. something overlooked. something misunderstood.
  • rough translation – stories about language and interactions across the world
  • the allusionist – a language podcast by helen zaltzman
  • the bugle – audio newspaper for a visual world
  • the truth – movies for your ears – short audio fiction stories
  • the unmade podcast – tim and brady discuss podcast ideas that they probably won’t make
  • this american life – stories compiled for radio and podcast by wbez chicago
  • wait wait don’t tell me – npr’s weekly quiz show


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