no music

What would your life be like without music?

this is nearly impossible to answer for me because I started playing the cello in 3rd grade. my entire childhood through to college had music as a core component.

I haven’t played cello since college but I bought a bass guitar during one of the first covid lockdowns in 2020. I really enjoy noodling around and finding some random lessons on youtube for specific songs as needed.

beyond playing instruments my day-to-day wouldn’t be all that different in terms of hearing it played.

I work from home and don’t usually have music on. it’s either podcasts or silence depending what I am working on.

otherwise, the lack of music would be noticeable out in the world as part of the daily encounters with muzak and other things. I don’t live close enough to major concert venues to see shows on a regular basis, but it would certainly be jarring to have bars and coffeeshops silent without some good tunes.


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  1. Commendable that you started playing cello from 3rd grade. Nicely written post.

    1. thanks! i was fortunate that my hometown has a really good music program in the public schools!

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