lxd networking and additional IPs

now that tilde.team is on a fancy-shmancy new dedi server, i’ve tried to get a secondary IP address assigned to a lxd container (which i plan to use for my personal stuff). lxd shows that the secondary IP is being picked up by that container, but i’m still seeing the host machine’s IP as the external address.

i’m not sure how i’ll need to configure the network settings on the host machine (now that we’re running ubuntu 18.04 and it uses netplan for configs and not /etc/network/interfaces). another confusing thing is that the main config in /etc/netplan says that the network config is handled by systemd-networkd…

at least i have through the end of the year when my current vps runs out to get this up and running.

ping me on irc or email if you have experience with this.


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