i just got back from a 10-day backpacking trip to italy and i’d like to share some of the photos i took!

the travel plan was rome -> venice -> florence -> naples -> pompei/vesuvius -> capri -> amalfi

this is the roman forum (with colosseum in the background) as seen from the palatine.

here’s me standing next to the same piece of ancient rome as i did the last time i visited in 2015. see my github profile

the inside of st. pete’s basilica. climbed the 551 steps to the top of it for a crazy view of rome.

venice was the next stop. this is the grand canal.

we visited all the main museums in firenze (aka florence, but firenze is far cooler). this is the view from the roof of our hostel.

after arriving in naples, we headed out to see vesuvius and the ruins of pompei. i’m not sure why pompei has an extra ‘i’ in english, but it only has one in modern-day italian. look at the ruts left from the ancience chariots in the basalt stone!

here see vesuvius from pompei’s main square.

we did a tour around the island of capri. (think capri pants, caprese salads, etc). we also took a chairlift to the top of the island for the stunning view. unfortunately, photos just don’t show the scale and sheer drop from the cliff.

this is the view from our airbnb in amalfi. it was quite a pain to get to… but it was worth it!

here’s me and ~supercock789 somewhere along the path of the gods.

what a whirlwind! i’m pretty sure we visited all the major tourist attractions in the cities that we visited. and in quite a short time!

there are a few extra photos here

thanks for stopping by!


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