expo day one

Some photos and notes from day 1 of expo:

Started out with the Stern factory tour. They recently moved into a new, bigger factory building. It’s Huge.

I liked seeing the process from individual parts to a finished pin, but the vibes were off. I don’t think a single factory worker was white. I don’t recall seeing a designer/programmer/etc that wasn’t white. Let alone the crowds being led through the building gawking at the whole process.

The Jersey Jack tour last year wasn’t much better for this dynamic, but the scale was quite a big smaller.

Got to play Pulp Fiction and even met Mark Ritchie in the line to play it. Played Labyrinth after chatting with Bowen Kerins. I learned that pinball isn’t even his full-time job!

Tons of cool homebrews on the floor and even a transparent cabinet build for an EM.

Saw a couple talks including a panel of some folks that built Pulp Fiction. It’s been in the works for over a decade. Quentin Tarantino is as strange as suspected.

There was a screening of the Pinball film including a lovely intro by Roger Sharpe and Michael Gottlieb. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it!


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